Every once in a while there is an animal that really tugs at your heart.
King was discarded as trash on the side of the road. He was torn to pieces by other dogs and truly defeated by life.
King has healed physically but he still has mental scars. He is terrified of other dogs, understandably so, and becomes reactive.

King has been at the shelter since February of 2019 and it's not fair to keep him at a shelter any longer. We have to make a decision. In order to give King a real chance at a good life, we need to get some behavioral help so that he can not have so much fear of other animals.

The behavioral program that I want to get him in is $1500 and is really his only hope. Due to lack of donations because of COVID I need to raise some funds specifically for him so that I can enroll him in this program. If you have even $5 to donate please help me get to our goal!!!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding King. Thank you for all your help!
Sara, Adoption Counselor at Rosie's Southside Animal Shelter